✨ Tips✨

New to Crystal?

When choosing a crystal don't stress, just relax and pick the one that draws you in instinctively. After, try looking into it's healing properties to get better aquatinted with your new baby. You'll be surprised at what amazing things you find out about your crystal! There are plenty of resources online that can tell you even more fascinating things such as -- how to use your crystal when meditating, sleeping, setting intentions, and so much more! There are even great tips on where to place certain crystals around your house, car or workspace.

You have to cleanse your Crystals? And why?

Yes. Cleansing your crystals is so important! Crystals absorb, attract and repel different energies throughout its time with you. And after a while it may become darker than usual, full of negative energy or it simply feels heavier to you.  For that reason, it is important to cleanse your crystals, to get rid of negative energies.

To cleanse, you can smudge your crystals with sage, dry herbs and/or incense, you can also soak your crystal in purified, salty or holy water. However, it depends on the kind a crystal. Some crystals can actually can become toxic due to certain cleansing methods, such as soaking in water. Please do your research before hand.

Once cleansed, make sure to align your energy with your crystal by holding it and setting you intentions in that moment. Also! Don't forget to thank them!